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Default Re: It needs to be discussed. Manning and his shortcomings

Originally Posted by HardwoodLegend
He was playing perfectly fine up until the interception, so that can't be the case. He just has these inexplicable mental lapses late in the game that's puzzling. It's like he turns into a completely different person.

"He is no Tom Brady"? Weren't you just saying a while ago that Brady is a system QB and Manning is the system?

You turn fast
He had 2 fumbles (both loss) and 2 picks, although that 1st pick wasn't on him. Again, if you look at the context, those were all huge, especially that pick in OT which sealed the game for the Ravens.

Yes, Brady benefits from the system and Manning is the system. This doesn't change the fact that Brady is a far superior post-season performer and better in the clutch. It's not like I said Brady sucks or anything, I just think that losing Manning hurts more for a team than losing Brady, at lesat in the regular season, 2008 Pats and 2011 Colts proved it, but I'm pretty sure losing Brady in the post-season hurts more.
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