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Default Re: Is the criticism towards Flacco underserved?

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
How is one play luckier than the other? In fact I think I read in the Manning thread that Manning has 21 interceptions in 20 playoff games. So a Manning INT is far more common than a punt or kick return TD. The interception getting returned for 6 is more about luck in the way that the offense is positioned to stop the returner but a kick return TD normally requires a special teams mistake. How is a pick-6 luckier than a two kick return TD game? You aren't making sense.
The context of the pick, idiot. If Manning literally threw the ball right to the DBs hands, fine, that is his fault and that's not luck at all, but that wasn't the case. It was a WR tipping the ball who should have got a PI call which landed in a DB's hands. Pretty lucky. Lucky that a WR tipped the ball in the drop and lucky that the officials were trying to rig the game for a murderer.

I don't know someone can say a special teams play was "luck" and if you do think that I don't think you know what luck means. Broncos ST is just good, or the Ravens ST defense just sucks.

Either way, I don't understand the point of this discussion, Flacco is inconsistent, you are an idiot, and so is the OP.
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