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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

We started off awful but since 4-5 minutes left in the 1st quarter we started playing like we should.

Melo was awful in the 1st quarter. He wasn't just missing the shots,he was taking horrible shots. He took like 3 contested fadeaways and wasn't moving the ball. He got away from it in the 2nd and start to take shots in rhythm. Some of them were layups on the fast break,some were wide open threes. Those were good shots,or at least better ones than he took in the 1st. His overall effort has been good.

J.R. played like a dumbass at the start,Woodson left him on the bench for a while to send a message.

Copeland should definitely get more minutes. He's better than Novak. Of course Novak is a better shooter but Copeland is a better all around offensive player and he's a better one on one defender. Hopefully he'll learn rotations and improve his help defense by getting some playing time.

Amare looked decent. He showed some nice post moves.
Tyson also had a solid game. I liked the thing that he actually started to block shots,had 3 blocks today. He should average that considering he's 7'1 and long as hell.

I'm glad we won. We badly needed this win. Now we have a 3 day rest and we'll face Detroit in London. We should win that one too to get our confidence high and get ready for the next 4 games which are pretty tough.
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