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Default Re: It needs to be discussed. Manning and his shortcomings

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
He played in a very weak AFC compared to what Montana faced in the NFC during that time. 80's NFC >>>>> 2000's AFC. NFC dominance back then was similar to what we are seeing now with the SEC in college.
I'm not arguing Brady is better than Montana. I'm disputing your contention that lost Superbowls are a blemish on his record. Rodgers just went one-and-done for two consecutive seasons and Brees team didn't even make the playoffs. But when we look back on their careers in the future these things won't even be mentioned. They'll talk about their one or two SBs, career stats, and MVP awards. So how is Brady making some SBs his team didn't win going to be a "blemish?"

Furthermore, no one is talking about the AFC being "weak" right now, that's just you. No football historian is going to talk about these things.
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