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Default Re: It needs to be discussed. Manning and his shortcomings

The way that this thread became about Brady is funny. Poor Peyton fans.
Originally Posted by Carbine
Brady was lucky to even make the superbowl that year.

He played a brutal game vs. SD that year, and since THE TEAM around him was great, they overcame his short commings and went on to play in the superbowl.
All you can do is nitpick because overall it was clearly a great season. He set the record for TDs and made the SB. The vast majority of NFL starters would call that the greatest season of thier career.

He also played bad last year vs Ravens and the team overcame it in the AFC Championship.
Sure. So? I never claimed every game he played was great.
Aside from our superbowl year, Manning has never had the fortune of playing remotely close to bad and the team being able to overcome it in the playoffs. Never. Zero wins.

Brady has 6 playoffs wins where he QB rating was 76 or lower.
He's played in 22 playoff games. You found 6 bad ones. Congrats.
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