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Default Re: According to new study, New Zealand is "most free" country in the world.

Originally Posted by MMM
It is a point that gun nuts bring up, but I also reject that guns are going to help fight against tyranny. It is a joke to think that they would help vs. the capabilities of the US military.

Killing foreigners and killing fellow citizens is a different story. You cannot deploy the same tactics against your own people as you can foreign nations, because you are essentially asking soldiers to kill their own family and friends. The U.S. military is powerful because of their ability to blow shit up from a distance. If you look at our domestic enforcement, such as the National Guard, it's a complete joke. We can't even stop unarmed Mexicans from crossing our borders at will, or effectively help our own people in times of disaster (see Katrina). An enraged U.S. populace focused on revolution would be more than the U.S. domestic military could handle, unless you believe the U.S. would tactically nuke its own people... and even if they did, it would only further damage their cause, forcing citizens to completely reject the governments authority.

Eventually we will get to see how the U.S. responds to a revolt from its citizens, because it's only a matter of time before a State (like Texas), decides to attempt to secede from the Union. Hopefully it happens in my lifetime, because I'm interested to see how the U.S. government will respond.
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