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Default Re: It needs to be discussed. Manning and his shortcomings

Originally Posted by StateOfMind12
Brady's Losses in the Playoffs: 6 - In those games:
9 touchdowns
8 interceptions
1568 yards = 261 per game
Completion %: 60.6

Manning's Playoff Losses: 10 - In those games:
9 touchdowns
10 interceptions
2593 yards = 259yards/gm
Completion %: 58

Maybe if Manning played better his teams would of actually gone further in the playoffs...

Lets break this down a bit further for Peyton:

Vs. Ravens - He deserves blame for throwing the pick, however overall, taking the whole game into account, he played slightly below average. He had some really fine moments, and a terribly bad one.

2010, Vs. Jets - he played very good. Led us to a go ahead FG attempt late in game....40 seconds or somethng lke that left and then the defense and special teams and coaching let us down, and they lose via a Sanchez FG Drive.

'09 Superbowl - he tossed the pick. He played below average everything included.

'08 Chargers - he played well. For whatever reason, they just beat us.

'07 Chargers - He played very good, wasn't his fault the Chargers back up QB came in and put up numerous touchdowns aganst our defense.

'05 Pitt - He played well. Our OLine got destroyed. If you remember the type of pressure Luck was getting last week, that's what Manning had to deal with. Then Peyton gets team in position to kick the game into overtme and Vanderjact misses.

The years prior, he deserves blame. Tennessee, Jets, both Pats games...he sucked and he deserves the criticism.

As you can see, he has played well in a lot of playoff loses. Especially since '05.
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