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Default Re: It needs to be discussed. Manning and his shortcomings

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
The way that this thread became about Brady is funny. Poor Peyton fans.All you can do is nitpick because overall it was clearly a great season. He set the record for TDs and made the SB. The vast majority of NFL starters would call that the greatest season of thier career.

Sure. So? I never claimed every game he played was great.

He's played in 22 playoff games. You found 6 bad ones. Congrats.

Not nitpicking at all, just stating the cold hard truth. He wouldn't have made the superbowl if hs team didn't overcome his bad play in the playoff game.


BTW, he has played in 22 playoff games, and won six in which he has had a 76 rating or lower.

Overall, he has those six, and 3 other terrible/brutal games (jets, ravens, broncos) and then debateable ones like '06 Indy and the two superbowls.

Brady is no playoff saint. He has been particularly bad since more was asked of him.
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