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Default Re: We're getting out of Afghanistan.

Originally Posted by KevinNYC
I'm not following you here. I think we might be talking about different things. Are you talking about keeping a military base there? Because I consider the 1991 Gulf War over even though we have a base in Kuwait.

What I was talking about is that US presidents have great difficulty pulling out combat forces and ending wars that are not clear cut victories. They would prefer to kick the can down the road and have the next president have the problem.

there clearly have to be more significant geopolitical reasons for staying than that.

If we had gotten OBL in say 2005 and the rest of Afghan war went out about the same as it's been going, do you think we would still be there? I think there are significant domestic political reasons presidents stay. You've heard this story about LBJ?
The main reasons we are still in the middle east are for geopolitical reasons. That's it. Your domestic political reasons fall second to the recognition that an allied stable and prosperous Afghanistan is crucial to influence in the middle east and cheap future access to the cornucopia of resources that is Afghanistan.
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