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Default Everyone on ISH Awakens inside a Costco

Upon opening the front doors, we see solid rock. Same for all exits, suggesting the entire building is deep underground. Mysteriously, fresh air continually comes in via the ventilation system, although it's not big enough for any of us to fit through. Likewise the electricity is fine, meaning refridgeration of food isn't a problem (though it will eventually go bad) and anything requiring electricity can be recharged or run by extension cord. Additionally, the plumbing works fine and fresh water will never be a problem. There are grow lights and seed packets and the materials necessary to establish a small farm when the food runs out

We're faced with the prospect of having to create a new life here, under these strange circumstances. How will labor be divided? What are our priorities? Build a garden? Construct private residences? Secure weapons and establish a social order? Gangs? Trading? Leaders?

I will remind you that the people inside are the active ISHers
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