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Default Re: The Stats Proove That Tom Brady Moves Ever Closer To Becoming The GOAT Quarterback

Hopefully people read this. It sums up perfectly how I feel about the situation.

Originally Posted by kblaze8855
Tom Brady has never been dominant and won anything. tom Brady when he carries a team does exactly what his fans have hated on everyone but him for.

Gets stats and loses when it matters. Every singinficant thing he does on offense happens in seasons they fail. Led the L in TDs twice...missed the playoffs in one...lost the greatest upset in 40 years in the other. Led in passing yards in another year. Ended with an upset loss. Tom Brady for the most past doesnt carry teams to success. He helps them to it. But he has the reputation of someone who carries.

Granted a lot of passing usually suggest bad things for a team but fact is...Tom Brady when he carries a team...usually loses. Yet he enjoys the rep of a man who leads teams in a much more direct way.

The fact that he got his highest praise in a choke of a season really makes the point ive made for years. In the end quarterbacks might be judged by winning...doesnt mean its right. Its just easy. Tom Brady played better than everyone this year and lost. Manning did it several time. So did Elway. And Young.

Brady earned his most respect this year because he balled. Not because he won. Thats how it should be. Losing doesnt mean you arent great. Just means your several dozen guys(all things considered) lost to someone elses. Cant put it all on one guy.

To prop a guy up so high and disregard him doing the same thing everyone else go thated on for in comparison to him(for 3 years in a row now) just feels...wrong.

If Brady is the best ever he proved it while losing. Hes shown more "magic", swagger, and ability to carry a team in the last 6 years than almost anyone ive ever seen. Barring the massive overrating he got off his early career...he would be one of my all time favorites just off the last few years. But as it stands? watching him get better and better and fail over and over and over and over and over(and one more over I think) is just too funny to me. The guy who got the most "Winning is greatness" love clearly getting better as he loses in crushing fashion year after year is just too perfect for the case ive been making since like....1994.
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