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Default Re: "Would You Rather.."

Wow, ok.
Here's some more for ya.
  • Would you rather have your skin all over your body the texture of a nutsack, or you be normal, but everything else in the world have the texture of a nutsack? You eat a sandwich, it TASTES like a sandwich, but feels like eating a giant scrotum. You're gettin busy with a girl, nutsack everywhere
  • Would you rather be irresistibly sexually attracted to cantaloupes, or have an orgasm (not a tiny one, it would be pretty obvious) every time you hear the word "pancake"?
  • Would you rather two dick sized nipples or one nipple sized dick?
  • Would you rather live in a world where giant, friendly gummy bears walk around or a world where hover boards are readily available at stores?
  • No more cheese or no more blowjobs?
  • Would you rather have the ability to know when someone is lying to you (only works if that person is talking to you directly, and you only know that he's lying - you don't know the exact truth) OR have the ability to know anyone's sexual preferences and deepest, darkest sexual fantasies, as long as this person is in your line of sight?
  • Would you rather punch your grandma square in the face, or lick an NFL O-lineman's butt crack after a mid-summer's day game?
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