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Default Re: PS4 Won't Play Used Games

Is anyone here surprised?

I am only surprised that it might be now, I thought this was at least two generations away.

They already are doing it a little bit with online content. Some Steam titles do it (easily beaten system but idea is still there). This was bound to happen.

My guess is that it gets scrapped unless Microsoft does the same thing.

There will come a day of reckoning. Some people thought consoles were in danger from the advancement of technology in mobile devices. But the threat to console makers are themselves. $600-$700 releases. $60 games (and rising). And this need to control everything on the market will stretch to a breaking point. They will evolve to get past it but not without some hardships.

Dedicated gaming is here to stay. But it's got to change and this is a step in the wrong direction. I'm confident that Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and anyone else who jumps into the console biz will figure this out one way or the other.
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