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Default Re: Wrasslin: nWo -vs- DX: Who U Got?

Originally Posted by Burgz V2
NWO is the best, DX is weaaaak
DX was funny as hell. What are you smoking, kid? How could you NOT appreciate Degeneration X? They helped define the most successful era of professional wrestling.

If we're talking the original CLIQUE of Triple H w/ Chyna and HBK? They were awesome. Before Shawn found Jesus, they were hilarious.

Hell, even the 2nd incarnation w/ Road Dogg, Jesse James, and X-Pac was legit. They were bringing the juvenile LULZ every night. And with the whole Suck It thing, it got SOOOO many middle school / high school kids in trouble.

I'd put the OG NWO before all the useless members, when it was Hogan / Nash / Hall on par with the OG DX. Both were truly innovative stables in wrestling history.
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