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Default Re: Wrasslin: nWo -vs- DX: Who U Got?

Originally Posted by Patrick Chewing
Yeah DX was created just to combat the nWo cause they were getting killed in the ratings. DX may have made more money since they still sell an extremely watered down version of it now, but during both of their heyday's, the nWo drew in more ratings and provided more revenue. The WWE had a ton of factions back then as well competing against one another, so it was futile to compare sheer revenue against the nWo brand. Hell, I own 4 nWo shirts and a ton of other crap.

DX was the 3rd biggest reason maybe for WWF taking over WCW. Stone Cold was the guy who really did it. The only wrestler I can remember that got bigger oviations than Hogan or The Rock. When I think of 1998, I think of Stone Cold Steve Austin. DX brought ratings, but by that time The Rock was gaining some serious heat. Even when he was a heel, people couldn't get enough of the guy. Maybe the best ever on the mic.
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