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Default Re: Best US president ever ?

Originally Posted by MasterDurant24
Thomas Jefferson was probably the most racist president lol.

Lol I know you're retarded on 3 levels now.

1) AJ's Trail of Tears is clearly more racist in nature than anything TJ did.
2) Like who gives a fukk about minor social issues when the dude had a great track record overall. No wonder this generation is retarded. Taught to argue gay rights and abortion over and over and over again in highschool with a foreign and domestic affairs wayyy in the background.. Taught to discredit any credibility from the "less socially progressive" when they could very well have much to offer in other areas.L That's like belittling MLK's legacy cuz he was a womanizer, or MJ's because he'z an azzhole. We're looking for competent, charismatic leaders here, not beacons of morality.
3) Kevin Durant is not worthy of holding the Master title.

#1) TJ. Monticello, Louisana Purchase, D.o.I, and many more!!!
#2) TDR. Conservation and Rough Ryder ftw!!!
#3) Jackson. Anti-National Bank ftw!!!!

FDR, Washington, and Lincoln below that.. only getting 2nd tier because of their major sins. FDR Messin wit da SC and the checks and balances, GW should've married a hawter brawd, and Abe freed the slaves in the South befo da north and came with his share of scandals. He commanded SHerman to go all-out adnd burned way too much Agriculture as well.. not wise. Johnson (fuikker) demonstrated one of the worst ways to recuperate from all this destruction.

LBJ, Truman, Taft, Polk, JQA.

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