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Default Re: NFL Playoffs GT: Conference Finals

Originally Posted by 1987_Lakers
John Abraham not being 100% is gonna hurt Atlanta. They need his speed to stop Kaepernick's runs. Abraham already re-injured his ankle vs Seattle. I just don't trust Atlanta's defense enough for me to pick them.

Also kind of surprised Pats are 10 point favorites, expected a 4-7 point spread, but I do expect them to win.

I don't think they necessarily need speed but the D-line can't get pushed back and they need to get penetration. 49ers o-line is great and they are monsters at getting a great push, it's what makes the running game so effective for the 49ers. Packers D-line had no chance against the 49ers o-line and there were holes left and right with ample running room for Gore/James/Kaepernick. It's also important for the end to contain the end or atleast seal it off.
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