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Default Re: The Stats Proove That Tom Brady Moves Ever Closer To Becoming The GOAT Quarterback

I might not ever shut up about it either...always have to fight the good fight.

I love how all over the media Matt Ryan was the one that won that game yesterday...and not the Falcons

Ryan didn't even play that great, threw 2's so stupid

"Ryan finally got the playoff game monkey off his back"

and that's another thing...just recently, I would say 5-10 years ago, did we start counting "playoff wins"

in the 80s and 90s, there were no "playoff wins" for QBs, you either won a ring or you didn't...there was no award for getting to the playoffs and winning one game and then losing.

I think the internet is to blame for that...we just didn't have counters like that on QBs back in the day...we had football cards to tell us stats lol, and there was no playoff record there
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