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Default Re: NFL Playoffs GT: Divisional Round

Originally Posted by Heavincent
How was Smith better? If you include last night's game, Kaepernick's stat line is 12 TD's, 4 INT's, 62 completion% with 596 rushing yards and 7 rushing TD's. Smith had a higher completion% because he was captain checkdown. Not to mention Kaepernick has the experience of a rookie. He's gonna get better. It's not like this is his ceiling.

Captain Checkdown? He had 8.0 yards per attempt which would put him tied for 2nd in the league.

Alex Smith is just Trent Dilfer 2.0. He's better than Dilfer, but he has the same kind of role. He's just a game manager, and game managers are expendable. Most QB's can do what Alex Smith did. Just take good care of the ball, throw a lot of checkdowns, make a big play every once in a while.

A game manager who would be #2 in ypa, #3 in QB rating, and had the highest completion % by a decent margin? Smith went beyond Dilfer so why the hell are you going to still call him Dilfer for? He threw for 300 yards and 3 TDs against the Saints in the playoffs, but he's just a game manager? Why are you constantly trying to make it seem like Smith was a nobody while exaggerating Kaep?

But how many QB's can do what Kaepernick can do?

He hasn't even played a full season and yet you're acting like he's Steve Young. Stop it.
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