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Default Re: NFL Playoffs GT: Divisional Round

Originally Posted by GP_20
Good game. Not surprised by the result, I knew it was going to be close and either team could take it. Seahawks didn't deserve that win after allowing a FG with 30 seconds left, that is unacceptable. And its not the 1st time they have done this either.

But it's cool. Was perfect on all my predictions for the Seahawks (including underdog games and other close ones), so I know my shi*t and that is why I didn't make a prediction for this game. Not a biased fan, just a smart fan who is always right about his team.

No, you're just an arrogant douche who twists everything to make it seem like he's always right, but you aren't (I've seen many excuses from you). You should learn some humility one of these days, but I guess pompous asses don't.
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