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Default Re: CNN/Anderson Cooper discuss Sandy Hook conspiracy theories

Originally Posted by Riddler
A message to the main stream media

^^^Watch this $hit^^^

"this is the proper way to rant when the MSM fails to do it's job."

The first 1:50 or so, I was contemplating turning it off. Then... BAM.

Does this guy own guns? If so, I'm officially frightened.

I also love these people who have never stood in front of a grieving family and had to ask difficult questions deriding the "media" (catch-all) for not being vigilant enough. I can picture this guy -- vein popping out of his head -- as he interrogates these people, whom he suspects might be actors in some grand conspiracy, immediately following the death of their young child. That would go well, I'm sure.

He seems totally reasonable. I'm certain he'd handle it with the delicate touch and professionalism required of the situation.

I've been having my own issues with the "main stream media" recently and I do think there are inherent issues which are beginning to rise to the surface, like the fact that CNN recently cut its entire investigative reporting department.

However, these Internet bloggers (print and video) are not helping things.
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