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Default Re: Wade seems to be suffering

Originally Posted by Money 23
None of this would've been an issue if he made the right move and would've went to the hometown Bulls.

He could get his alpha swerve on and compete against the LeBron / Bosh Knicks and have EPIC ECF showdowns.

But yes, he is absolutely depressed and clearly sulking. His self appointed demotion last year benefitted Bron's game and team success. But now it's clearly eating away at him.

How superfluous would a Rose/Wade backcourt be? The last guy who the Bulls should have been recruiting was Wade. Bosh was the guy they needed, a big guy in the FA class that would have made a real difference to a contender. Imo the fact that Bosh landed in Miami was more important than LeBron going there. I'm not anywhere close as afraid of LeBron/Amare in New York as I am of Wade/Bosh/$20m of cap space in Miami.
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