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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by Money 23
The entire idea / concept of a raid in which we murked Bin Laden in a wealthy Pakistan suburb, where he NEVER left the compound, and NO ONE ever saw him. A raid and an assassination where we were never given actual proof of life or death. Yet we gloated and released pics, video when we caught and executed Sadaam and his sons.

It's a total "Wag the Dog" scenario. We get no concrete official information on the raid. It changed week after week, details switched around. We get no official pictures. The body is immediately dumped at sea (convenient) and the only "official" story we get is a Hollywood produced image, which pre programs people into believe it as reality.

Dude is a CIA asset, a code name, a vague boogeyman used as a catalyst to start conflicts. Bin Laden was probably killed years ago. Either because of his knowledge, or health. Hell, he may have even been killed in a mountain collapsing "daisy cutter" bomb in the Afghany mountains in 2001 or 2002. He's a patsy. He's an image. An idea. Not a REAL person.

Look up the name Tim Osman on google. Do your research. Bin Laden's family is American / Saudi money. Subcontracted by American business / CIA, and in cahoots with organizations linking them to the Bush family. One of the shadiest families of all-time, with their global power schemes. The Bin Laden family lived state side. In the late 70's Tim Osman aka Bin Laden was allowed to tour military bases via the CIA. Trained and armed to fight the soviets in Afghanistan. He was a US sponsored and trained asset.

CIA admitted to fake actors essentially playing Bin Laden in "leaked" tapes for the duration of the 2000s. Always conveniently leaked at important or pressing times to fit agendas. And small physical details of Bin Laden changing from video to video, and NEVER aging from videos from the late 90s till the late 2000s. Even though it was FACT he had MAJOR health problems.

We found Sadaam Hussein. A man with considerable wealth, resources and an entire country at his disposal, hiding in a ditch. But it took us 10 years to find Bin Laden? Nah ... I'm not buying. I have a functioning brain.

But other than that 8 out of 10?

What MAJOR health problems did he have and how do you know that for a FACT?

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