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Default Re: Does beating the CAVs mean anything has changed?

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Wise man......Wise

We have the exact opposite extreme of a problem occurring. lets be fair. We're beating crappy teams, by default. This team is so talented.

Also, D'Antoni's system is good enough to expose the lower level teams. But these top teams are too smart for that. We beat the cavs, great! They're terrible. We beat the Bucks who have been faltering as of late. Great!

When we had Phil, we beat all the good teams and lost to all the crappy ones lol.

So yeah, I dont think much has changed, other than Dwight seems to be feeling okay. But we're still unable to judge anything unless we beat not one, not two, but many good teams. We got the heat this week. I'll reserve judgement for later.

Apparently Dwight, Kobe, and Antoni are all calling out Dwight so that he can be more of the defensive anchor. Lets see what happens.
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