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Default Re: I'm at PEACE knowing Management fcuked us all

Originally Posted by Lakers_Kobe_Fan
dumping the coach always is not going to help ...

Lets talk about the players:
Pau: he is done right after we won the 2nd ring...we won with him in the post and LO on the perimeter...even the great PHIL JACKSON couldnt get both Bynum/Pau on the court at the same time. Phil got lucky in the sense he had Lamar pus$y odom on his roster...>Brown/D'toni dont have it...
Its time to trade Pau Gasol cause the NBA is moving from 2 bigs on team to 1 big plus all guard/sf lineups..Look at Lebron/Melo playing the 4 position

Kobe: kobe's offball defense is 1 of the worst in the NBA right now. his onball defense is great..but pathetic son of a b!tch doesnt even close on to a shooter...fcuker is suppose to be a leader...why does he has to shot everytime he touches the ball??? you know he can get Howard more involved so he can play defense on the other end....
just like you said the other day of reverse race...this is same...why would I give a fcuk on Defense if I knew kobe is going to jack up shots on the other end

MWP: he is done defensively...he cant guard nobody for the entire game.....

lol...Jamison being the culprit of bad coaching...he never ever plays any defense....never ever...its pathetic to watch him play defense....

thing is this roster is old as shit....they would have gone the other way around by surrounding old kobe with athletic players....but they got in players who look kobe like a 24yr old kobe....thats the problem...THE FCUKING AGE

Naahhh..."it's all about coaching". [rolling eyes]

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