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Default Re: Mavs open to deals

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
It wouldn't solve our problem of soft power forward. But yes on any given day I would do that trade in a heart beat. Realistically speaking now, It just seems to me that Pau is all but gone.

It doesn't take 5 games to recover from a concussion, as soft as anyone can be. This leads me to speculate Pau might actually start being shopped, if not already. Now that the mavs are open to making moves, I am sitting here thinking about the possible changes that the lakers would consider making. OJ Mayo to me has always been "pretty good"....Could he be an option the lakers are pursuing? What could we get right now?
Salary wise dealing with Mavs there needs to third involved i believe? Pau contract is not that easy to move.

I dont know how Kobe would be affected by such trade. He has always said that he feels Pau like a brother. But tbh i never thought that the twin tower setup worked. Pau plays better as a C imo.

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