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Default How great is it that the Nets kept the team name after moving to Brooklyn?

Many teams have been trying to establish new identity, the Thunder, Hornets/Pelicans and now the Kings if they move to Seattle.

I am not sure when this trend got started, but I am glad the Nets remain as Nets despite moving from NJ to Brooklyn. Oh yeah, the original team was called New York Nets anyway, so the team name fits pretty well, unlike New Orleans which clearly does not have Hornets.

I dunno how you think, but for me I am grateful that the team is still called Nets. I've been a nets fan for more than 10 years, the only possible reason I may not be a Nets fan anymore is that the team no longer exists. If the team gets a different and weird name, it will be difficult for me to accept that. Sure I may keep supporting the team, but it feels weird if its not the Nets.
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