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Default Re: Nikola Pekovic is a stud

Originally Posted by Euroleague
As I suspected for a long time now, you only watch Partizan games. And I am NOT believing you anymore from now on when you deny it.

If I only watched Partizan games I wouldn't know how bad Barcelona is playing , I'm sorry but team with "best" C in Europe wouldn't lose to Estudiantes by 20+ points .

Bourousis is a player than can do everything good but isn't great at anything and he can be stop because of that , Pekovic on the other hand will almost always have good games because even thogh he isn't as good as mid range or 3 point shooter like Bourousis he uses what he knows and he is almost unstopable at it so thats why he is better .

I don't care if you or someone else on the internet dosen't belive what games I watch it's your choice .
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