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Default Re: Lowry vs. Calderon

Originally Posted by lilbeastnani
And this is why nobody respects Raptors fans, the expectations are ridiculous. How is a perennial top 5 (when healthy) assist guy who for his career has damn near averaged 50/40/90 a "top notch back up"


What about Jeff Teague, Darren Collison, Brandon Knight, Jeremy Lin, Mario Chalmers, Jameer Nelson, Aaron Brooks, etc... Are you saying he doesn't belong in the same category with any of those guys?

Thats a fair point actually. With 30 teams Jose is a starter on a number of teams... credit due.

About the respect though .. that is merely an opinion of talent and quality. Or rather more importantly a difference in opinion and not about respect.

Personally you bring up excellent examples as Darren Collison, Jeremy Lin are questionable starters in my mind - maybe not yours. In fact Jose on Detroit would get more minutes and the starting job over Brandon Knight due to Knights lack of consistency i/m/h/o. Same for Jose in Houston frankly...

(The Knicks management obviously agrees with me as they signed Felton...although I almost hate to suggest that is a good thing. There were some other factors involved).

But for the long term I would want Knight on the roster.

Jose would be a fantastic backup on a championship team. His skills - and he is skilled - would improve the Lakers, Celtics, Knick, Heat.

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