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Default Article: Dwight Howard is settling into Kobe Bryant's neighborhood,3851624.story

By Melissa Rohlin
January 16, 2013, 7:34 a.m.
Dwight Howard emerged from the showers resembling The Hulk, his already broad shoulders exaggerated by a large ice pack.

His recent play has been similarly oversized.

In Howard's last three games, he has averaged 22.3 points on 29-for-36 shooting, making a remarkable 80.6% of his shots from the field. Oh, and he has grabbed 18.7 rebounds a game.

"My legs are coming back a little bit, I'm in a little bit better shape and they're finding me in the right spots," Howard said. "I just got to continue to play with energy and effort and, like I said, believe that we can turn this thing around."

Good to hear this. Its better obviously if you read the whole thing. Dwight Howard made a comment yesterday that I sort of agreed with. He said that they basically have to play the way they did against the bucks if they want to keep winning. I had the impression he was talking about him and Kobe's successes individually. Each of them had 31 points, with Dwight adding 16 rebounds. If you ask me, those were Shaq-Kobe-esque numbers. If they do in fact keep producing in that manner, and these role players like Clark, Artest, and Nash keep doing what they do best, this would be one heck of a team to try and beat in a 7 game series. I am hoping that the players are finally getting used to their roles. Then we can truly judge D'Antoni's system while these players are comfortable in it.
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