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Default Re: Deadspin: Manti Teos Dead Girlfriend is a hoax

On September 11, Te'o suffered the loss of both his grandmother and girlfriend within the span of one day.[29] His girlfriend, Stanford student Lennay Kekua, died after battling leukemia.[30] Te'o missed no games, due to a promise made to his girlfriend. In a press conference Te'o spoke about his decision to remain at Notre Dame and play in the game versus Michigan State on the day of her funeral, saying, "I really wanted to see her [girlfriend Kekua]. But I knew that she made me promise, you know one day she made me promise that, she said, 'Babe, if anything happens to me, you promise that you'll still stay over there and that you'll play and that you'll honor me through the way you play, and know that I would rather have you there.' And just make sure that all she wanted was some white roses. White is her favorite color. So she just wanted some white roses and that's all she asked for. So I sent her roses and sent her two picks along with that, so that was good."[31]

So all of this is a lie? Wonder how dumb that guy is if he didn't think someone would find the truth.
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