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Default Re: Deadspin: Manti Teos Dead Girlfriend is a hoax

Originally Posted by GOBB
Wait so he met this chick online and formed a "relationship". Never met her or anything. Just communicated via twitter? You're an All American college football player at Notre Dame a popular school. First rd draft pick. You got many females at your fingetips yet you choose an anonymous chick as your girl?

I'm totally lost on this because he is saying on that he was tricked. Kinda like people are online when trying to date people they never met in person. And then they find out its not a female or the female is someone totally different than their pictures. Those stories should never ever involved a big name college football player.

There was a movie or documentary of some guy meeting a chick off facebook and finding out she wasnt who she claimed she was. Swordfish? I forget, spooky, creepy shyt like this.
Catfish. Now Mtv has a show based off the documentary.

Crazy, just heard about him and this situation and came to ISH to find out the story.
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