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Default Re: Nikola Pekovic is a stud

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
If I only watched Partizan games I wouldn't know how bad Barcelona is playing , I'm sorry but team with "best" C in Europe wouldn't lose to Estudiantes by 20+ points .

Bourousis is a player than can do everything good but isn't great at anything and he can be stop because of that , Pekovic on the other hand will almost always have good games because even thogh he isn't as good as mid range or 3 point shooter like Bourousis he uses what he knows and he is almost unstopable at it so thats why he is better .

I don't care if you or someone else on the internet dosen't belive what games I watch it's your choice .

No. You are definitely mainly only watching Partizan games. I have seen you make many comments here that imply that. And I never said Tomic was the best center in Europe. You just imagined that. You sound more and more like an NBA only fan every day. Pekovic's play in the NBA, and talking with lunatic psychopaths like gabepizza here, has given you the NBA only fan disease.

And seriously.......domestic league regular seasons have NOTHING to do with Euroleague. You are making posts on the level of gabepizza and Grinder.

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