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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by alwaysunny
It was so obvious what the hawks game plan was gonna be even before the game started but nets still get burned in transition. Not only that, they failed to counter attack by taking their own advantage over their undersized backcourt. Joe didnt post up ONCE. Also couldve fed Brook more early like they did in the 2nd half. But what can you do..hawks had an unbelievable shooting night. Props to the nets for not giving up and attempting to make a comeback.

I wouldnt consider its a comeback if you cut the decifit from 19 to 14, but well at least it aint a 20pts blowout. Hopefully we win the next home game, if we lose 2 or 3 in a row we'd be right back to where we used to be before Avery was fired. Perhaps it was already a little bit too late to fire Avery Johnson 28 games into the season.
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