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Default Re: Are You Disgusted By Fat People?

Originally Posted by TaLvsCuaL
No, what really makes me sick is people who judge other people for their physical attributes, religion, tastes, lifestyle, etc.

Get used to it.

You can not fight human nature.

You can only curb it to an extent.

While I think you are an awesome human being and you probably have a higher soul than us, and that if you can change the world and love people unconditionally, then by all means, proceed.. it is with light reluctance reality hits me into regression.

The same people who dislike fat people aren't going to go around and attack others for natural born deformities or Downs or Kleinfelters or a cleft palette. They've got humanity in them. There is great opportunity to change one's fate in the weight department.

Tastes deserve to be mocked. Someone who thinks Warhol or Pollock are good artists honestly need a raincheck. That's a stupid opinion. There's a leeway for personal interpretation, but still, there's such thing. As. A. Stupid. Opinion.

Social shaming is a useful tool and can lead to the one thing we all crave. The evolution of humanity.
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