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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by Money 23
Gangster Squad?

So atrocious, I walked out within the first 25 minutes.

Gosling's delivery and charisma was awesome, but the rest was god awful. It was beyond cheesy. I thought it was going to be a gritty time piece, based on real world events. At least closer in spirit to the Untouchables.

This movie was like Dick Tracy, without acknowledging how absurd it was. The performances cliche, over the top and cartoony. The score, horrendously cheesy. The dialogue? If you could put it on chips, it'd be nachos. Sean Penn? Over the top and corny.

The look of the film, overly stylized and a cheap imitation of Zach Snyder. Just an atrocious experience.

The movie acts like it's being earnest, yet it's heinously over the top and whimsical.

You should have sat through it. In my opinion it gets much better towards the end, when the action picks up.

Still, it was far from what I expected it to be. Like you, I expected a good, gritty, dark gangster movie, and not some cliche hollywood good (rogue) cops vs bad criminals story. I really like Sean Penn as an actor, but there was no excuse for what he did to that character.. Like a bad impression of Scarface. Some horrible bad guy lines like:"once we get this operation going, we will rule the entire west coast", really don't help either. Of course the good cop's gf is pregnant (with a boy nonethelss) and her life is treathened, but he won't give up his job eventhough she wasnt him to etc. etc. It's all there.
The first 15 moments I was just sitting there like: wtf they can't be serious with this sh*t. I really didn't expect the movie to be like this, eventhough the Jay-Z song in the trailer kinda gave it away (I mean.. it's a 70's gangster movie).
Still, I couldn't hate the movie and in the end I was rooting for the good guys, who you know would win from the opening credits (if there were any). The action was nice and there were some funny moments as well.

I give it a 6/10.
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