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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by Kiddlovesnets
Actually the Nets defense has been somewhat good before the Raptors game, we locked down the Bobcats to 81pts, Thunder to 93pts, Kings to 93pts, 76ers to 89pts and Pacers to 86pts. This one is a combination of poor offense and terrible defense though.

Holding teams to a low scoring output is not good defense. It's just part of the work. It's primarily about field goal percentage. A low scoring game for the Nets occurs because of the slower pace the Nets play. The Nets always play a half court game and rarely run the ball. That spills over into the other teams chances of running the ball.

Let's look at the wins you mentioned and see the field goal percentage of those games.

81 points allowed on 38.4% = Superb

93 points allowed on 50.0% = Sub-par ( Better than their average)

93 points allowed on 43.0% = Great

89 points allowed on 48.2% = Sub-par ( Better than their average)

86 points allowed on 42.4% = Superb ( Better than their average)

Again, not to try to prove a fell Nets fan wrong but I am a passionate Nets fan that cannot stand our hundred million dollar veterans failing defensive assignments and not paying attention to the scouting report. Out of these 5 games you mentioned, 3 of the teams shot better than their season averages. With the Thunder shooting a wretched unacceptable 50% and the 76ers 48%.

We have seen against the Pacers and Thunder exactly what transpires when we get stops.

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