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Default Re: Chip Kelly to the Eagles?

Originally Posted by StateProperty
Report now that Eagles have until March 11, not Feb 6, to make a decision on Vick. This shit will be dragged out. And LOL at Joe Webb being a trade possibility.

Foles will be the QB unless they can bring in somebody like Alex Smith. ESPN is idiotic, feeding every knee-jerk reaction in the sports world.

They will not run the offensive system Kelly ran at Oregon. The offense they'll try to put together will look more like New England's than anything else. Periodic, situational use of the up tempo. Rotating RB who will handle the ball a lot. More emphasis on the TE position; either Harbour is going to have to step up or they'll find someone to pair with Celek.

Vick will be gone. No way he takes a pay cut and a situational position. No way the team looks to keep a guy who bashed them while they attempted to protect his health. Just don't see it.
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