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Default Re: The Official No Fap 2013 Challenge

Originally Posted by maybeshewill13
That's the spirit! This thread is fukn stupid.
Pleasure and enjoying things isnt something that you are entitled to and cant live without.

I know its tough to grasp the concept of mental discipline, but read about it a little, you might learn something.

Anyway, what I noticed is, the first couple of days you feel great about not beating off, extra energy mood increase, but then afterwards you get used to it, and get a little depressed and mood drops because you're sort of dependent on that new mood boost. And this is where the tough part comes in, not beating off at this point.

The true challenge of all this I think is committing to this as a lifestyle. You'd need cheat days and things as its not realistic to think you can do this for 20+ days everytime. Youll most likely do it once and then return to how you always were. So do this for week or 2, beat off, then do it again etc... i think is more realistic.
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