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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

I will approve the trade, but this is getting out of hand. I don't know the solutions, but I feel like scrapping the entire keeper aspect and just go back to redraft.

kmart is a good GM, and maybe FC just negotiated his way to this deal, but it's not even close to fair. Jennings vs Curry is at best a slight win for Curry, but factor in Curry's durability issues (out indefinitely with ankle - shocker), then I'd say it's equal. Jennings on top of it all is a 3rd round keeper next year vs Curry in the 2nd round. So that deal straight up is fair. Oh yeah, to 'sweeten' the deal, kmart gives FC Wade for boarderline waiver Splitter. Queue FC praising Splitter's last 2 weeks.

All taking place Jan 17th.....
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