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Default Re: My Gripe with Tyson Chandler

Originally Posted by Rameek
Isnt it possible that playing small hurts Tyson a lot? Is it possible that when other teams are larger or have good rebounders on the team it effects Tyson? Like I've said before 1 guy against a teams frontcourt is tough. So it doesnt absolve him from not being better but I can understand.

Chicago game
Hinrich 9 reb Kidd 6 reb
Noah 12 reb Felt 6 reb
Deng 13 reb Smith 10 reb
Booze 7 reb Melo 3 reb

Minny game
Pek 17 reb kidd 9 reb
Cunning 10 reb Melo 9 reb

Laker game
Dhoward 12 reb Kidd 6 reb
Gasol 8 reb Melo 7 reb
MWP 7 reb

Give Chandler a legit PF he would look better. Melo ave 6 Jr smith 5.
Take the good with the bad with Melo at the 4. Most teams bring in a grunt rebounder when needed the Knicks bring in a shooter. There are obviously other factors as well.
Sorry Rameek. The man has only avg double digit rebounds in 3 out of 11 seasons. Furthermore, a lot of his rebounds are those taps which count as offensve rebounds. In Dallas he played with Dirk (a 7 footer) and Marion (one of the best rebounding SF of all time) and still couldnt rack double digit rebounds. He's 7'1" and athletic. He should be snatching down at least 12 a game. Vucevic plays wit a small lineup and outrebounds Chandler. I'm sorry but a 7'1" "defensive guru" shouldn't be 20th in the league in defensive rebounding. Kevin Durant gets more drpg than Chandler.
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