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Default Re: Deadspin: Manti Teos Dead Girlfriend is a hoax

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
So he never called her "the love of his life" until she supposedly died?...yeah I guess I can see that.

so who had he been talking to on the phone then?

I just have a really hard time believing that he was duped by someone for 3 years on Twitter and on the phone, all the while not dating others at Notre Dame because of this online relationship he had going...why didn't he want to visit her at the hospital with leukemia?

Even more puzzling who did Reagan Muaia meet when he was at AMerican Samoa?

I don't know man. I haven't read a theory of events that satisfactorily answers all the questions yet. hoping more facts come out. but I went back and read through some of the comments again, at first the girl was just referred to as a "close friend" then eventually evolved to girlfriend and "love of his life".

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