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Default Re: My Gripe with Tyson Chandler

Originally Posted by franchize
Sorry Rameek. The man has only avg double digit rebounds in 3 out of 11 seasons. Furthermore, a lot of his rebounds are those taps which count as offensve rebounds. In Dallas he played with Dirk (a 7 footer) and Marion (one of the best rebounding SF of all time) and still couldnt rack double digit rebounds. He's 7'1" and athletic. He should be snatching down at least 12 a game. Vucevic plays wit a small lineup and outrebounds Chandler. I'm sorry but a 7'1" "defensive guru" shouldn't be 20th in the league in defensive rebounding. Kevin Durant gets more drpg than Chandler.
At least hide the hate a little bit.

Speaking of defensive rebounds, some of the best known rebounders in the game get the same amount.

Noah, Zbo and Big Al get about the same and their teams play at a much higher pace so there are MORE rebounds to get.

So now that he has averaged double digit boards as a Knick, now we have to criticize the break down of how he gets them?

Who cares fam, seriously?
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