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Default Re: Start Earl Clark

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
After reading this, I would concur under the condition of how Pau could contribute coming off the bench. If we are relying on him to be a quick points type of guy, it wont work. If he is coming off the bench however to be a facilitator for these other good shooters, and will grab rebounds and other wonderful things, then yes it could possibly work.

I think we can both agree that Clark will come in and do well whether he starts or comes off the bench. His style of play is always the same regardless of who is on the court with him. He reminds me of a trevor ariza with a consistent jump-shot.

But going back to Pau Gasol here, we have all seen D'Antoni maintain the same style of coaching whether we struggled or not. In that scenario in my humble opinion, Pau Gasol will always want what he cannot have consistently. A good 10 plays a game where he can post up. I don't see him getting that opportunity. His great passing also comes from post play. If D'Antoni won't alter his style just a little bit, I don't see any way that Gasol can be an "OK" fit even. Not unless he masters a jumpshot. But hey, who aside from Kobe has ever improved their game during this stage in their careers?

It will work. Pau and Jamison complement each others game just as Clark and Howard complement each others games.


We'll finally have a consistent bench with Pau leading that second unit.
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