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Default Re: New York Knicks (24-13) vs. Detroit Pistons (14-24), 3:00 PM EST, NBATV from LONDON!

Brandon Knight isn't an NBA caliber starting PG. He's a tweener guard whose primary skill is scoring the ball, and he should be coming off the bench and playing with the 2nd unit at the NBA level.

If the Pistons are going to start a scoring guard at PG, they may as well play Bynum, who shits all over Knight in regards to scoring the rock. Even Stuckey is a better scoring point.

Now, if they are playing Knight just for experience, that's fine... but then why do the Pistons insist on playing vets like Maxiell over a future stud like Drummond? Either you're playing to win games, or you're playing for the future. Doesn't seem like Pistons know what they're playing for.
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