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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by brwnman
love how it's still not approved. You were robbed 2 of Demarcus' monster games. Yet his own trade, he does it in a hurry. That whole Love trade was insanely lopsided, but no discussions on that. But if it's a trade involving you, they must have a discussion cause you must have put a gun to kmart's head to make him accept that trade.

This league's a joke and clearly rigged as far as this season is concerned...

I agree that RapsFan's trade was lopsided. But the FC/Kmart trade is off the hook lopsided!....There is varying degrees of lopsidedness. This league has always had crazy trades but this year has be ridiculous.

IMO This latest trade is even worse than your Nene/Cousins trade.

As far as the league being 'rigged' I can't agree, cause I know I don't want RapsFan to win and I'm sure all the other managers don't either. I just wish the managers were a little/alot more responsible when it comes to trades.
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