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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by Zan Tabak
I agree that RapsFan's trade was lopsided. But the FC/Kmart trade is off the hook lopsided!....There is varying degrees of lopsidedness. This league has always had crazy trades but this year has be ridiculous.

IMO This latest trade is even worse than your Nene/Cousins trade.

As far as the league being 'rigged' I can't agree, cause I know I don't want RapsFan to win and I'm sure all the other managers don't either. I just wish the managers were a little/alot more responsible when it comes to trades.

When a manager is making a deal, they have certain goals in my mind and obviously every manager views each player differently. A manager looking for 3s may pay a little more if he has rebounding to spare, so he may end up giving a better big just for the purpose of getting 3s.

Also, due to the fact that this is a keeper league, a lot of managers will look towards next year, so players that carry no value beyond the year, they will become expendable. Also, to say something like Steph Curry = Jennings, that's laughable. Yes, Curry is injured and his injury risk is real. However Mark Jackson said last night he doesn't expect his injury to last more than a couple of games and neither did the doctors when he spoke to them.

As far as the Nene trade, I have nothing more to say. FC was screwed in that whole ordeal the way I look at it and it was an issue because the trade was done with FC. Had it been anyone else, there would be no issue. No one would have made a fuss about it. I said it back then for anyone who wants to send me a better offer, I'm all ears; no one did and still hasn't. Just goes to prove my point...
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