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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by brwnman
love how it's still not approved. You were robbed 2 of Demarcus' monster games. Yet his own trade, he does it in a hurry. That whole Love trade was insanely lopsided, but no discussions on that. But if it's a trade involving you, they must have a discussion cause you must have put a gun to kmart's head to make him accept that trade.

This league's a joke and clearly rigged as far as this season is concerned...

I can't be online 24/7. Depending on the office I'm at, I can't access the pool site. I was able to painfully type a message via my phone today. Relax. I've approved every trade this year almost instantly. When I'm doing a deal, I am usually sending deals back and forth, therefore usually online.

The deal with Love, I got 2 guys that play basically 22 mins a night. Teague before the last couple of games was basically a corpse on the floor.

Also, FC didn't lose any games with Counsins. It was vetoed and he gained a few freebies while waiting to find out how to reverse it.

If you think the league is a joke, I am sure we can find a replacement in about 5 minutes, your call.
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