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Default Re: Sleep deprived....

I've done 56 last December. Didn't get my first yawn till about 48 hours in. I thought that was pretty impressive. 70 is the most I've ever done. I slept about 7 hours after that. What an ironic sleep-wake ratio.

I don't get much sleep. Co-morbid Insomnia equiped with School, work, and my sister - so time isn't on my side. But you get 'used 'to it I guess. I can't lie though, it's a recurring problem, but I can tell I'm 'different' when I go nearly two straight days without sleep.
Originally Posted by code green
I've been taking prescription strength shit to help me sleep for 5 or 6 years now. It's under control now, but when I first started, I went two weeks without getting more than 45 minutes of sleep every night. It got to the point where I didn't know if I was asleep or awake. I got a script for Xanax and slept for a full 24 hours. Had another episode about a year and a half ago where I went a couple of days without sleeping and eventually passed out in my barber's chair.
My cousin experienced this same scenario. But he didn't get Xanas. He got other some anti-anxiety medication, and he said he never slept better. He doesn't take them anymore though, don't know why, especially when his sleep problems are still present.

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