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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Again for me personally, I think the league rules are fine. I think lowering the keepers will have a drastic impact on things. It's just that some of the trades being done are brutal and I don't know how that is fixed.

Personally, my opinion is to do what the 'Premier' league does in the fantasy site. They kick out GMs. The bottom X number of GMs are on the chopping block and they have to apply to get a spot back. With 13 teams, we could put the bottom 3 on the chopping block and go from there.

So, if someone wants to make a bonehead deal, they better remain competetive or they could be out. Similarly if you want to blame injuries, you better decide to cut bait on guys if you want to remain competetive.

I don't think anyone should be against this. I'd rather see more deals made to try and win and less for keeper purposes. Lowering the amount of keepers helps that, but risk of leaving pool will also.
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